Sarod is the most majestic Indian Classical Instrument. The modern Sarod is a twenty-five (25) strings instrument which is plucked with a Coconut shell plectrum held in the right hand. It's body is made of a single block of seasoned Toon/Teak/Mehgini wood. The fingureboard is a smooth fretless steel plate. The Sarod’s belly is covered with Goat skin. The first of two Deer-horn bridges rests on the belly and the second is on the neck before the main pegs. The strings, of different gauges, are of Steel and Bronze. Four Main strings carry the melody, four resonating Jwari strings are tuned to the principle notes of the Raga, two Chikari strings tuned to the tonic, are used for drone emphasis and rhythm, and the remaining fifteen strings knows as Taraf and tuned to the notes of the Raga in several octaves provide sympathetic resonance. Beneath the fingure-board is a Thumba (Toomba) made of Brass, which is used for balance and to rest the instrument on when it is not being played.
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