Atish Mukhopadhyay is one of the very few “SARODE” virtuosos from the present generation of ‘North Indian Classical Instrumental musicians’ – an avid scholar of traditional music and the direct representative and torch bearer of ‘Maihar Senia Gharana of Baba Allauddin Khan’ - the most famous traditional music school in India. Atish has performed to the highest critical acclaims throughout India and also in abroad and got several recognitions and Titles for his Musical excellence. Atish is an empanelled musician and music teacher with Indian Council for Cultural Relations – Govt. of India, Ministry of External Affair.

Music Study:
Right from his very childhood, music has been his life blood. Atish began his music study in 1985 under the guidance of Guru Professor Dhyanesh Khan (Late). In 1991, Atish found a new haven when he met and started to learn the art of Sarode playing under the affectionate guidance of Guru Ustad Aashish Khan. Coming in contact with Guru Ustad Aashish Khan was a reincarnation in Atish’s musical experience. Atish has studied music from another finest Gurus of Indian Classical Music Mrs. Aameena Perera for several years.  Atish has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with the legendary Late Usatd Ali Akbar Khan in different occasions.

Learning the music from these greatest masters from the Maihar Senia Gharana of Baba Allauddin Khan for 3 decades, Atish has developed a very strong musical base, yet he continues his music study with Guru Ustad Aashish khan time to time.

Experimental Work:

Atish's passion for experimentation, study and appreciation of non-Indian music and love of intercultural musical collaboration make him a strong representative of a new generation of Indian musicians. He already worked with Japanese music, Western Classical music and Jazz music successfully in different cross culture projects.


Perforning Musician:

Atish has been performing in concerts as a Soloist all over the India and also in abroad since 2006 including successful participation as a Soloist in several national and international music festivals.
Atish’s Sarode album – ‘The Majestic Senia Sarode’ has been released by ‘Raga Music’ in India.

Music Workshop / Lecture Demonstration:

Atish as a music teacher has been very successful. He conducted several music workshops, lecture demonstration in India and in abroad. University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)- USA, Saint Petersburg Rimsky Korsakov State Conservatory – Russia, Moscow Tchaikovsky Music Conservatory – Russia , Punjab University – India, Akal College of Divine music - India to name a few.

       Sur Sagar Society-Kolkata, India
       Jhulon Yatra Music Festival-Kolkata,India
       Gandhi Hindustani Sahittya Sabha-New Delhi, India
       Sri Aurobindo Ashram-New Delhi, India
       Baba Allauddin Music Society-Kolkata, India
       Ramakrishna Ashram-Gwalior, India
       Kal Ke Kalakar Music Festival-Mumbai, India
       Charnock City- Kolkata,India
       Swami Haridas Music Festival-Mumbai, India
       Sangeet Natak Akademi Festival-Shiligudi, India
       India International Centre-New Delhi, India
       US Consulate General-Kolkata,India
       Learn Quest Academy- Boston, USA
       Bangla-O-Bishwa- Boston, USA
       Crossroads- Philadelphia, USA
       Palace of Culture- St. Petersburg, Russia
       Filarmony- St. Petersburg, Russia
       Ethnography Museum0 St. Petersburg, Russia
       Swar Sadhna Samity- Mumbai, India
       Sharq Taronalari- Samaraquand, Uzbekistan
       Baba Allauddin Smarak Samity- Kolkata, India 

       Saint Petersburg Rimsky Korsakov State Conservatory (University)- St. Petersburg, Russia

       Saint Petersburg Conservatory Music College- St
, Petersburg, Russia
       Saint Petersburg
State Institution of Culture & Library ‘MeDiaLog’- St. Petersurg, Russia

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